I am Luca, originally from Cremona, Italy, who lives now in Luxembourg.

I am not a doctor (as my mother wanted), but I was willing to help the community in this period. So, when I heard about this project, I immediately joined and exported from my hometown to Luxembourg.

If you own a business, you are a journalist or you want to actively support the initiative, contact us via the website or at [email protected]

United we win

This website is part of a larger initiative started in Cremona, Italy, with, a project created by a young Cremona-based teacher willing to be helpful to her community during the Coronavirus lockdown. 

The original idea of a portal where to find all-product home deliveries has been shared with Dueper Studio, a graphic and design agency in Cremona, that is bringing support and digital know-how to the project – in smart-working of course!

The ultimate goal is to provide people essential services at home, avoiding them to go out as imposed by the current measures. By helping customers staying safe, this project also support the local retailers and grocery shops keeping in business during this tough period. 

Do you want to provide this platform to your community? Keep in touch with us!


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